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Energy Audits

Virtual & Onsite Energy Audits from Certified Professionals


Emissions Measurement, Risk Identification & Capital Planning


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What we do

At the heart of ClimaFi is our cutting edge building energy modeling and ROI-calculation software. This allows us to identify, quantify, and track ways for you to reduce utility costs and emissions. Our convservation measures include:
LED and Envelope Retrofits
Water Conservation
Solar and Storage
HVAC Optimization
Utility Rate Optimization
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Proven Results

Count on our team's wealth of experience spanning many years within the clean energy industry.

At ClimaFi, we've collaborated with numerous organizations to drive energy efficiency, solar adoption, storage solutions, and electric vehicle fleet mitigations.

People and Process

Savings utility costs and reducing emissions isn't just about software.

Our team of auditors, sustainability consultants, and project managers work together to optimize you commercial real estate properties.

Our processes focus on transparency, precision and efficiency, empowering clients to improve NOI and reduce carbon across a portfolio.


Expert Onsite Audits

Skilled professionals conduct thorough onsite surveys because every building is unique.

Detailed Sustainability Consulting

Our engagements are rooted in detailed and tangible mitigations, delivering clarity to your sustainability plan.

Seamless Project Management

Efficient coordination and oversight to ensure smooth implementation of recommended measures.

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