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Better EV Charging

Lower utility bills and increase the reliability of your EV charging with a ClimaFi microgrid. Enter your building address to get started:

Turnkey Solar and Battery Systems


Proprietary software to design the optimal system for you


Competitive financing that scales as you electrify


Technology to optimize and administer battery operations

Handling the complexities

Energy markets are getting harder to navigate. We provide comprehensive historical data and advanced analytics to let you understand these markets. We model:
Demand Reduction
Storage Arbitrage
Fleet Charging
Energy Inflation
Weather Fluctuations
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Proven Results

Count on our team's wealth of experience spanning many years within the clean energy industry.

At ClimaFi, we've collaborated with numerous organizations to drive energy efficiency, solar adoption, storage solutions, and electric vehicle fleet conversions.

Our Process

We partner with leading installers, EPCs, and financiers to deliver microgrid projects.

These partners work with us because of our technology-enabled and unique capabilities.

Our processes focus on transparency, precision and efficiency, accelerating the electric transition.


Seamless Project Management

Technology-enabled project management keeps all parties in the loop.

Consultative Support

We help make the business case for these projects so they can get over the finish line.

Simple Contracts

Our contracts are the simplest in the industry, so complex projects to get funded.

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What inverter is right for your solar battery backup system?